Merlajean knows kids. Not only is she a wonderful puppeteer, but she is a certified teacher with 12 years of teaching experience and has been doing puppet shows and residencies since 1987. Merlajean is licensed to teach Pre-K through 6th Grade, and Mild to Severe Mentally Handicapped K-12.

Merlajean has been featured in the Star Tribune newspaper and children and adults alike love her shows! She has over 90 short stories that showcase her unique puppets - shadow, puppet doll, box theater, swallow and more. Along with six General Theme Shows, Merlajean has exciting shows for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Christian Education.

In addition to shows, Merlajean works as an Artist-in-Residence. Along with telling stories, she engages children in making their own puppets, teaches character voices, leads theater games and helps the children put on their own shows.

A message from Merlajean: "I would love to visit your school! I am positive that your children and teachers would thoroughly enjoy our time together. Please contact me if you have any questions."