Let Merlajean mesmerize your students with some of her 93 stories!

General Theme Shows:

Holiday shows:

Stories Told by Merlajean:

The Hungry Thing (garbage can)
Red Riding Hood (turn about doll)
Herman the Worm (slinky)
The Squeaky Door (flannel board)
Today is Monday (Swallow)
Everybody knows the rules (misc.)
The Wild Toboggan Ride (stick)
The Little Red Hen (finger)
On Our Way to the North Pole (misc.)
Too Noisy (clothespin)
Naughty Marissa (nesting dolls)
The Chalkbox Story (flip chart with Fingerpuppets)
The Enormous Turnip (stick)
Bingo (hand)
3 Bear’s Rap (turn about doll)
Johnny Cake (shadow)
The Three Pigs (clothespin)
The Turtle’s Picnic (flip chart with hand puppet)
I’m Bringing Home (misc.)
The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (swallow)
The Lion and the Mouse (shadow)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (swallow and shadow)
Sam’s Sandwich (milk carton)
Baby Monkey Cut and Tell (scissors story)
5 Little Monkey’s Swinging on a Tree (swallow)
I’ve got a Mouse (string story)
If You Give A Mouse a Cookie (flannel board)
How the Rooster Saved the Day (hand and finger)
I Want Another Mother (misc.)
The Runaway Bunny (stick)
Skinamarinka/song (hand and stick)
The Snake that Sneezed (flip chart)
Bennie’s Pennies (flannel board)
Oh I Wish I Were (misc.)
The Gunnywolf (milk carton and lunch bag)
There Was an Old Man Who Swallowed a Toad (swallow)
All the Way Home (stick)
The Itsy Bitsy Spider/song (hand)
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Apron)
Old MacDonald (Misc.)
How the Pig got a Curly Tail (shadow)
The Frog Prince (shadow)
Tacky the Penguin (cup)
Noah’s Ark (stick)
The Creation (Shadow)
The Story of Jesus’ Birth (doll)
Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing (flannel board)
Who is the King of the Kingdom/song
Love Grows (scissor story)
Froggy Gets Dressed (flannel board)
The Wild Toboggan Ride (stick)
5 Little Snowmen Fat/song (glove)
Grandpa’s Farm ( hand)
Barn in the country (fl bd)
Jack/Beanstalk (Cut and Tell)
Brown Bear (apron)
Today is Mon